Starting at posters on the wall.

Can’t help but to not know what to think at all.

There's love in life but I haven't found proof there is for me

There are stars all around me, yet they will never meet me


Blankly staring into space, my mind wonders to every place.

Depressing music is playing in the background,

So my emotions don’t drift into the nonexistence.

Playing the music of one of the people staring back at me

Their music is only played on a good day


I’m fixated at staring at posters on the wall

Decorations of useless paper.

Filled with quotes I never follow

And a calendar from the year 2000


There are pictures of memories that are the only good moments

By staring at them I hope to wash out the painful ones

Business cards of important people

But I dare not to actually call them.


The posters who are supposed to tell who a person is

Are all a way to just fill up my empty walls

Like my heart and possibly my soul.



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