positive outcomes

My ideas are mine when i begin to writestill get my money the old fashion way  work hard for mine 11 till 7 Its so hot make the sweat rise wet the ceiling. smokin drinking passin out  im with the knowledge to keep the block  from slippin  this shit might get reckless  false foes in the game is overwhelming  kill devils with metal from the beretta  ya know got a big ole ratchet tho I try to talk to the inquisitive youth  cause i be spittin the truth  take it with me into the booth  keepin it real in life look im living proof  they got the dropout keepin kids in the school  see time and time again be thinkin about the future That's my word that's for sure  It's a funny sight for real the people like you still  I've been through many times In which I thought I might lose it  You wake up cold  and wounded playing my music You can call this my new shit Someone who knew what they doin' And people who never even knew me try to act like they knew me  I Bet That They Knew It Cuz In My Mind I Play Through It Yea most people never even been in a fight or a war  In other words don't let traditions fool ya gotta let them Scriptures school ya   sold meth weed crack now his revelations spoken thru rap  Where the nitrous oxide and balloons at  Sell a lot of records I respect it and salute that Once I stood on the block on loose cracks to produce stacks     Talkin reckless on my line now that's a tecnical foul Shit I grassy knoll and hilltop him it's all political now I don't see many people down  We don't touch the ground See a cloud with my name in it AK is my heat 8th Day in the street till I lay six feet deep You get your eyes swole up I'm on my straight grizzly  Basically it ain't nothing great in me  don’t care thou u takin it im givin it we breakin it U still fake  it 

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