A Portrait of the Teenager as a Young Girl


25° 16' 27.8328" S, 133° 46' 30.4896" E

Oh I hate that

It looks lovely

Too much fat

It’s so free

Your life is matte

It’s quite glossy


Why do you try?

Never give up

It’s one giant lie

Show them your stuff

Just go and cry

Nod and say “Yup!”


This is our hell

Live life to the fullest

Can’t break out of this cell

Only give your best

Waiting for The Final Bell

This is just one test


I shun their glares

I love their praise

I need them to care

Maybe this is a phase

But I hate their hungry stares

I am their lovable basket case


There is nothing inside

I laugh all the time

I might as well have died

I’m in my prime

All my tears I’ve cried

Now is my time to shine


Why do they insult me?

I know they are concerned

Why can’t they let me be?

Their affection is not spurned

Why can’t they see?

This love, I have earned


I hate my eyes

I love my eyes

I hate my thighs

I love my thighs

I hate my size

I love my size


I hate myself

I love myself


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My community
Our world
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