The Porcelain Doll


The Porcelain Doll everyone sees you as is so beautiful.
Rosy cheeks with cute little freckles.
The best hair, it was professionally done.
The clothes from the stars.
You belong on the cover of a magazine.
Every boy wants to be you.
Every girl wants to be with you.
And the reverse of those two as well.
I mean, no one has noticed these little cracks on your face.
The cracks of memories of experiences no one has let me forget.
Like that one time I...
And then that one guy...
He did that thing...
Not important.
Why should I pull back the curtain? 
Why should everyone else see my tears?
I've spent my time seeing theirs but they have no interest in mine.
Does anyone even care about the heart of stone that's starting to form in the center of me?
I've seen my own friends laugh at me.
"We're not laughing at you. We're laughing about you."
How does The Porcelain Doll become sad with the permanent smile painted on?
I can tell you.
It gets tired of dealing with...
Everyone expecting to take their pain away,
And everything in The Porcelain Doll's life being false.
Pulling back the curtain means hurting.
Pulling back the curtain means telling the truth.
I don't know if I'm ready to tell the truth yet.


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