Life is not about fitting into the crowd so others don't think your wierd

Life is about standing up for the truth, even if it is by yourself

Life is not about being shoved into silence so your opinion isn't degraded

Life is about speaking inspiration to others because eveyone needs a friend

Reputation relies upon the opinions others have on you based on how they see you act

It is fleeting and last for the moment, never stationary for lengths of time

Reputation doesn' matter once the crowd is long gone

Character is revealed in the quiet times when your alone

Life is not about pleasing others so you can be invited to the ball

Life is about doing what is right even if it is small

Life is not about agreeing with the majority so you are not an outcast

Life is about being firm in your stance amidst the blast

Fame is built on the masses idolizing your face

It does not merit forgiveness, nor show you grace

Fame is like a sandcastle, great and beautiful at first

Admiration is bestowed on the honorable, even at their worst

Life is not about gaining the whole entire world

Life is about living from your soul

Life is not about bringing yourself up by putting others down

Life is about thinking ahead to gain an eternal crown

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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