The Poor Rich Kid


Langston Hughes once talked about a dream deferred 

No dreams or expectations is the life i preferred

Dreams turned nightmares from wishing to hard

My dreams were just wishes that came from my heart 


I didn't struggle I didn't have to fend for food

I had no limits my actions were rude

Silver spoon born is what made me poor

Countless dollars but I'm looking for loves door 


I could dream of a family wake up and it don't exist 

woke up by arguments instead of dad's cheek kiss

Range and anger came to me very young 

broken hearted and a mind that spun 



duties I had when i couldn't even spell the word 

maturity became a very high learning curve 

tears that were full of pain they didn't come from I 

but the mother that was on a cold table and almost died 


Tomorrow not guaranteed but i had no father 

issues maybe, but i was holding on to my mother 

Times may not have been perfect 

but their was still times 

Money is penny less to the love of cupid





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