The Poisonous Root

Of all the poisons on God's green Earth,

the worst doesn't recieve the recognition it's worth.

Though heroin destroys, my thought cannot subside,

that never has there been a worse poison than Pride.


From the day we come forth into this life,

we recognise no strife as great as our strife. 

No one's hurt compairs to our pain,

and if we do wrong we'll find others to blame.

The Media? The Devil? Society as a whole?.... 

Some one else shall have that implicably guilty role.

Oh,and how no one is thakful for being alive,

our self-centered ideals are bed-fellows of Pride.

'I deserve a good life, I deserve good health,

why must others have more beauty and wealth?'

Because we deserve it, a beautiful day!

Who cares about the unfortunate left in the fray?


Though a gas bomb's effects may reach kilometers wide,

I still can see no poison as deadly as pride.


And so I beg of the world: "Let's put our ego aside,

come together as one to simply enjoy the ride!

Don't let your 'importance' force your compassion to hide,

and instead drink the elixer kindness as an antidote to pride."








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