Poisonous Love

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 23:14 -- Yazzy15


But a simple word to identify a person

Nothing more or less



Who is but not something of a mystery


Who is you but in perspective of you who is reading


Confusing it is but not

To have thoughts that run wild

A freight train barreling at you it would feel all the time


Questioning everything that comes in your path

Seeking the truth

Even if it means to ruin a friendship


Dark walls built around the heart growing stronger with passing years

No one to care that they exist

No one to knock them down


Curled in a corner of misery and lies

No one to save you

No one to realize


To many walls

Built over the perfect facade


Exploding will not be an option

To hurt those you love

Tears at a heart that you have

Beating fast and in-closed in walls of darkness

It does more than loved ones realize


It shall not matter

You do not care



Love makes us liars


Love has become the poison that hurts your life

The knife that hits your back multiple times

It makes the walls grow


A knight in shining armor does not save us

We save ourselves


In twisted vines we might rest

To hold out with a knife to press into an already broken heart

But I

I vow to never do that


To not back stab

To not hurt

Those I love closest

Even if it shatters my heart to ashes


You may just sprinkle the ashes on my grave

I will not betray the people I love

Love made us liars

But I will not descend into Hell so easily


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