Points for gun control

Since the events at Sandy hook,

There’s been roughly one gun shot on school grounds every week. 

It doesn’t matter whether it was an accident,

Or a hundred bullets tearing through a class again. 

I’m saying that it has to stop.

I’m saying that this is a list that America doesn’t need to top. 

I’m not saying, that it’s all guns. 

As a matter of fact, it’s only some. 

AR-15’s, semi-automatic rifles, anything that in moments will rip through anyone who’s seventeen.

There isn’t any reason why when we wake up with the rising sun,

We should be afraid of becoming a target. 

The next few points I’ll make, you should star it. 


Point 1: Guns in classrooms make us feel safe! 

Well, more likely it means that it makes us feel like we’re in a safe.

The school doors are now iron and the rooms with no windows and it reminds us of Pennhurst.

We’re marching our way into a gas chamber.

Hear the click of the door locked tight,

because that’s going to keep all the bad things out, right?

Bullets spraying into the room like hydrogen cyanide

It’s easy for us to believe that it’s to keep out strangers,

But what happens when it’s the kid who sits beside me, who I never thought to be a danger?

Now we hear of the alarm, wondering who was able to pull it.

Now we fear to disarm, even though it’s harder to get booklets than bullets.


Point 2: Better yet, let’s give the guns to the teachers!

Our schools may not have enough money for the arts, wages, or even computer classes. 

But, to pop a cap in some asses?

Sure, why not?

They chose this career to change somebody’s life, not to end it.

Now, we’re judging them on how fast they can shoot a child,

Rather than on their teaching style

We wish to parade those who take up a pistol as a hero,

But what about those who can’t bring themselves to put a student’s pulse at the origin, 0,0?

Everybody’s prepared to give hundreds of thousands of people weapons, 

Forcing them to step in.

This shows how most of these people have never stepped into a classroom.

It’s easy to say that teachers will know what to do,

But what happens when the information becomes skewed

And a child’s dead.

Who will we sue?

The teacher for making a split-second decision,

Or the school for not including this in their mission.

This shouldn’t be made into a decree when you don’t pay them enough already.

This wasn’t what anybody wanted when they got that degree.

This isn’t a skill they can learn from a tv for free,

This can’t be something we enforce as policy, when the only other thing they had to shoot down was a girl’s idea of modesty. 


Point 3: I may be scared of dying,

But I’m more frightened to think of everything that the Government is trying.

They claim to care about our generation,

They don’t take our opinions into consideration.

They don’t care about our hopes

And dreams, nothing matters as long as they can count on our votes.

They’re trying to gloss over an actual issue,

Ignoring the fact that there should be screenings on what a person can shoot.

There’s a problem when they would rather teens learn how to shoot a shotgun,

Than learn how to use a condom.



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