The Point of No Return


There's this boy that I'd like to call mine

even if it takes time.

I've written poem after poem about him,

but none can describe my feelings from within.

So here I try again;

if only he would know by then.


He has that smile that could make me

feel like I've been walking cloud nine for miles.

Eyes that shine brighter than the night sky.

But could this be a lie?

This feeling

it's slowly revealing

to the point where tears no longer shed

and words dance on a thin thread;

For I have fallen in love with my best friend


But is it really love or is it lust?

When he's the one whom I trust.

The one that shares his dark secrets with me

pushing each other through the unhappy.

We write letters to each other

Of words too hard to utter.

and through this, I fell all the more for my friend


But can I really do anything in the end?

Because I don't want to lose my best friend


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