The Poets’ Code

As a poet our job is not to make the audience feel comfortable but our job is to say what needs to be said and revive lost souls otherwise known as dead

And I’m not sayin’ playin’ God but rather presenting ourselves as vessels with charming words to clear a little fog while He does the rest

But I must stress something that every last notebook and pen artist should know

Is that we as poets should follow a code

Our job is not to make the people smile and laugh, no that’s for comedians

But rather share words with substance and class and let them know there’s hope in their future and wipe the illusions they’re finished because of their explicit pasts

As a poet, we are called to spread a message from God about the truth, not lies and I’m asking these emcees why they’re polluting an art blessed by the Father with messages promoting sex without feeling and other senseless acts that bring on damage and not healing

As a poet my job is to educate and culture

Not feed off of your applause like a vulture

No, the reward for me is that you learn something see,

Because you heard truth and substance from a poet like me

As a poet, we must share our testimony because our story gives authenticity to those lost and can’t see how the world really is

Not pulling punches and on the defensive

Afraid to be real because it might be offensive

I say so be it

Because I follow a code that I think every artist who draws pictures with their words should know

We are poets and we have a demanding job

‘Cause we are to tell the truth and give back what history has robbed

We are poets

And this is a declaration every verbal artist of substance should know

We. Are. Poets.

And we must live by this poets’ code

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I agree with every word you said in this poem great job


Thank you so much!

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