Poetry was there for Me


United States

Poetry is free

We can all remember the days

that you tried to find “me”

Looking everywhere to find the right ways

For me starting at the young age of sixteen


There’s plenty of dramatic things you endure

Because no matter how big or small

In your heart and mind you always store

Change is new and at that age when you fall

It’s hard to accept the severity of it all


A draining relationship

that  I thought was a necessity

Degrading myself and relating to Lauryn

Begging for reciprocity

“Because no one loves you more than me”

Ms. Hill was speaking to my soul

Alone, I still fought for “we”

In the end wondering why I was left so cold


I was emotionally still

I wasn’t taught the concept of expressing

So every life choice

was a lesson


Struggling to do what’s right

“Why’d they kill my best friend!”

Crying myself to sleep at night

Before the next day of playing pretend

Maybe the endless clashing with my mom

Or my soul hurting for my father’s love

Should i get comfort from the psalm?

You sure there’s someone above?


Poetry helped find Sharel

I’m a lot better now,

Can’t you tell?


When I felt like no one cared

“Stop being so dramatic,

go take yo’ behind somewhere!”

Poetry was there


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