Poetry Speaks for my Art.

My skin is tan,

in the communtiy I'm from

things like poetry, the arts, music

aren't worth for much.

Being a lawyer,

doctor, dentist, or nurse

is what you need to do

if you live in a communtiy like mine

because the pressure to make money

is always around.

So I want to make art,

I want to go into animation,

but what do I say to my folks,

that wanted me to make some dough?

It was through art,

that I could connect to poetry.

Poetry speaks for the arts.

Just as how songs speak for your emotions.

Poetry speaks for the arts.

It spoke for my visions,

my ideals and the dreams I put down on paper

with lines and colors galour 

to emphasize the asthetic beauty it represents

but people can't translate the message of the art

with their eyes.


I use poetry 

to help them translate the art

through their ears

through the ears of my parents,

my teachers,

and of some people from my part time job

who are willing to listen 

and learn why I have such a strong connection

to the arts and how much art matters to me.

I've loved art the moment I laid my eyes on Disney

and I've loved poetry the moment I needed it to assist me

to help depict how my art can reach put to you

to help you understand that

Poetry speaks for the arts.


This poem is about: 
My community


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