Poetry Sings to Me


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Now I know writing songs doesn't seem like poetry to some

"Poetry rhymes, poetry comes from the heart," they say

And they're right

But the beautiful thing about poetry is that it doesn't have to rhyme like a song

It doesn't need a catchy melody or a nice track to capture and enchant people

Poetry comes from the heart

It is one's spoken word- a gateway to their deepest thoughts


I was first introduced to poetry by my father when I was in grade school

I grasped the concept and ran with it, making sure to add an entry to my poetry journal every day

But after a year or two, I just stopped

The drive wasn't there- it didn't seem like it was beneficial to me

You see, at such a young age I wasn't at the maturity level to create realistic content

Content that could speak to people

Content that came from my heart

So for a while, I stopped


When I was fourteen, I taught myself how to play the guitar

I began to embark on a musical journey 

I learned my favorite songs and became comfortable with singing as well

But that wasn't enough for me

I wanted to create my own songs 

Make a song that I could say was mine

So that's exactly what I did

I endeavored in what they call songwriting; though I had no idea what I was doing at the time

But with time and experience came knowledge

The knowledge of knowing which chords compliment each other and what sound was right for me


So that is my poetry

My music, the one thing I hold on to dearly and turn to in times of trouble

That is my poetry

It speaks to me

And, as I mature my sound and my content

Hopefully it will speak to others

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