Poetry, My Soul

Fri, 07/06/2018 - 03:17 -- Cheri19

Poetry has taught me the depths

of what it means to be a centaur--

because poems need the mind and heart

in order to weave words for lines.


Poetry, these sheets cannot live without

the use of music and a voice

strong enough to not shatter,

or disrupt the peace within the lines.

Poetry's my master.


Because of lack of experience,

I've leaarned not to break







Poetry taught me the manipulation--

how words can mindfuck you whole.

It stings your brain to critically think

the message meant to convey.


You see this blank box?

Poetry fills in the void, as it completes my heart.

Continuous penetration of my mind's barriers--

twenty-four seven.


Poetry has taught me to let the air

flow through the cracks of my writer's block.

It has allowed me the ability

to write and retrace steps

as any and all writers should!


Poetry, my Saggitarius,

has taught me to aim

words, like an arrow,

up into the blackness

as it explodes like fireworks.


Poetry has my head spinning over works.

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