Poetry: My lifeline

At first, I thought I knew this world;

it was just one big globe with bodies roaming around.

And it was as simple as that.

So as my eyes made contact with these words,

scanning and rescanning,

I was left with confusion.

These words do not speak of the world I know,

it was all a delusion!

However, as my brain begins to digest their message…

a feeling had begun deep in the chasm of my soul.

It spreads throughout my body like a jolt of electricity.

Rewiring my thought process,

igniting my curiosity.

And suddenly I understood that …

this world is alive


As each word sunk deeper,

every color seemed brighter;

like the words had prescribed my eyes with the best medication.

And there I sat feeling lighter;

Like the words had saved my mind from the darkness of isolation.

I looked at the world with eyes of wonder.

Everything seemed anew!

There was a story behind each door,

and a story behind every emotion.

Everything consolidated into a constellation,

and I yearned to reach for the stars and learn their secrets.

“So this is the power of poetry?” I thought to myself.

And word by word, stanza by stanza, I slowly realized

it wasn’t the world that was soulless,

it wasn’t the world that was filled with hopelessness …

it was me


The power of poetry is so strong that it

became my armor against the darkness.

Whenever I felt my energy start to drain, I stop and pull out a poem

that makes me feel at home.

The words flow through me and become my lifeline.

They kickstart my heart and whisper to me

as though they were mine.

Poetry and I …

We have an unbroken relationship.

It understands me as I understand it.

While it keeps me sane, I never let it be forgotten.

So if you were to inquire of me

of the lesson of poetry,

my response to you shall be

It taught me …

that I am alive


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