Poetry to Me Means… Everything!

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 15:51 -- dorianf


United States
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Poetry is the beat to the heart of my purpose,
It is the lifeblood to all I do,
Poetry is one of the loves of my life,
To my days, it gives the most beautiful hues.

Poetry is my reflection,
A reflecting mirror revealing my innermost thoughts,
Poetry is my lighthouse of peace,
When the seas of life become rough.

Poetry is the foundation to the building of my ultimate desire,
To uplift and give hope to the hopeless,
To give dreams to the dreamless,
Courage to the courage less.

Poetry is my connecting bridge to the suffering,
To give love to the loveless,
Peace to the peace less,
Joy to the joyless.

The lives of others are canvases,
Poetry is what I use to paint upon those canvases,
Painting love, beauty, worth, dignity, greatness, hope, and freedom,
Upon the lives which lack such.

Poetry is the light at the end of the tunnel,
Shining towards those who have given up on themselves and their dreams,
To remind that anything is possible,
If they just believe.

Poetry is interwoven into my life purpose,
And is one of my most precious gifts;
With poetry, I hope to help others uncover their purpose,
And discover their gifts.


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