Poetry, The Man I Love

I could cradle you all day long until you fell asleep in my arms

Rock you away with me in the waves like Aaliyah's lyrics

Or simply rub you across my lips like my favorite MAC lipstick

And that still wouldn't be enough to share my love for you

At the darkest hour

When the only light left was a keyboard and my mind

You allowed me to walk into a light

A light bright enough to shine and change my world around

Poetry isn't a normal man

He's something that can't be penetrated or infiltrated

It is unique in the essence that he loves me for who I am

Raw and uncut

Poetry strips me of every fabric that could layer my body

He has seen my humanity in unrefined decency

Poetry has accepted me for my flaws

Quite like the God I serve

Poetry has adopted me as the soul mate

Available to teach and show me the rules to being yourself and accepting what is

I could open a book and recite to it all the works of Hughes or Giovanni

He wouldn't be satisfied is my flows didn't essentuate the curves of my body as well

Poetry is the man I have been searching for

Only problem is, I share my love with the world

For I am in love with a man that has a gift that keeps giving.



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