What does it mean

Words… rhythm… flow

Yes you guess

I express

What I attest to… thee

You see I made a decision

Way back when

To tell a story

Through feelings

On paper with utensils

To let go of the day’s waste

 and face my inner peace

A small slice of happiness

Between the drama and distress

I confess

It was a release ……

I was a young teen when found this…


I wrote and wrote

As the trees flowed

Through wind with the silence of a leaf

Understand what I mean

This is no whim  

Nothing slim

But a way to convince my inner voice

I can be all that I can be

Through this

Confidence comes from within

You can do whatever your heart seeks

Why not take this outlet

So others can know how I feel

when I cannot speak

This is everything and then some

Hoping one can relate to me

I …. Need ….

This paper

This pen

These thoughts

Coming across my mind so I can


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