When people fail to be there a piece of paper is all I need a blank text that I begin to write a story my voice fears to repeat.

The times when no one understanding the words I say until I write it poetic shows them in a brand new point of view. To analyze who I am when a pencil is the only think keeping me alive.

When I make no mistakes on the power in a paper that people think is pointless means the world to me.

When I had no one there was a paper that I could always find I bearded myself in my rhymes and spoke the truth around me that people never seem to have the guts to tell me to my face .

How I because more protective of my Poetry then something most teens seem to value I did with my passion in writing.

I stood and I wanted to give up on everything because I felt I wasn't good enough in the public eye but once I BEGIN to write I knew I am valuable.

When It's darkness and I seem to have no light there was a blank text waiting for me to type it out and send to myself to show how brokenness can create something  beautiful.

How when I feel failure someone out there just gave up so I write and I write until my pain cleared up. I get excited when I share what I write It's like a time when my voice was low spoke for It's self more then a person like me could do.

How my words do more damage and more healing then any doctor that I knew because I spoke with faith and love .Encourage others to stand tall and find something that they can turn to something positive which I did with poetry.

When the world doesn't matter and I get lost as I teach myself lessons and to the others around me.

It started with a word which created something I'm proud to say I do .YES I WRITE POETRY ITS THE LIFE I BREATH THOUGH!!


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