poems can mend me

I sit and think that with all the disasters around the world happening,there would better things you can set your mind to focus on,but the mirror was facing me,while I write this poem,could you feel the passion in my heart,can you see that I'm so eager to retrieve this information,that this is a reformation of an continuing new arrival of me,the I love you, hate you poem, the worldly nature poem, the earthly sensitivity poem, the destroying the bitter inside of my heart, not gentle poem,   the more egotistic more of a mental poem, the despise-able more of a you type of poem, my mom taught me never to hate anyone so I turned it into a vent-able of you sincerely type of poem,looking in the mirror I gasp and fought this thunder type of storm and constructed theyouth of every me and put it into my poem. then I knew that the every bit of me,the puzzle into me,the mysterious part of me, hiding every bit of me, was like the poem,the poem was always within me,but all along you were gone.

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