A poem to you..

Hey, I just wanted

to ask?

Can we start over,

Can we try again.

I know I was a mess

Back then.

An now i wanna

Do over...

Once again..

I know I cant fix

The things I've broken,

But if I could I would

Take back the words

I've spoken.

Maybe If I thought more

I would of seen how

bad this was.

Yet, I knew what

I was getting myself into.

I didnt care,

What the risk was.

Do you not understand?

The way I feel with you

Is totally different from anyone else.

I'm surprised yet, scared

That in as many fights we've

Persevered into we..

Always came back.

You'd push an force yourself

Away from me.

Knowing someway, somehow

You always came back to me.


Well obviously you care for me.

So what stops you from

Letting something like

Us be.

At least give me a

Good reason we

Shouldnt be.

We dancing together

Thigh to thigh

Kissed looking

Deep into eachothers eyes.

Held hands for moments

That we never wish ended.

Do you see.

How deeply you have me.

In your curse..

Are you able to

Understand me... maybe?

Its just yes,

Theres times I get

Mad, an say

"I Hate you."

An get tired of

Running after you.

Dont you see

how much.

I love you.?

Soo, I just wanted

to ask

Can we start over,

Can we try again.?

because only until then.

I can make you

Trust me again.


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