A Poem of a Romantic, Dreading the Lack of a Loving Heart


Please excuse the format, 

For I am a romantic who doesn't live for that.

Who needs structure of words, when you have the structure of your imagination.

For I live for Romanticism, For I live for that.


Love, they say its a gift from God,

Then why did we share it with the ones who forgot,

Trust, I am told it's a privilege,

Then why did he go out to abuse and steal it.

I feel it, reveal it, the pain who only from above can heal it.

Why burn the skin when there's already a scar.

Why tear apart a soul when there's already a broken heart.

I don't understand yet I must not know how to love cause what I get in return is not like the love from above.

No forgiveness for my weakness, no wisdom from the wise.

No sorry for his mistakes, just the bull crap and lies.

I tried, I tried, to wipe those tears from my eyes.

Now when I look in the mirror all I see is a disguise.

Is that me looking back or is that someone who lacks,

The respect they deserve, the love that in fact,

Has not been acknowledge, only abolished.

You cannot remove your hate because it sticks strong like nail polish.

You might of though you have won,

Knocking the breath out of my lungs.

Well you have done wrong because I have brought along,

My most powerful weapon..

Yes, that is my own gift of love.

The love I hate for myself,

The love I have for God,

Will let me remove the sins that I have sinned to now I have forgot,

All those empty promises,

And those lies in your heart.

You might have thought I am torn to shreds, 

But honey it's you whose fallen apart.

Never again will I follow the road of broken means.

Who needs a failure when you have those amazing dreams.

Goals, not empty holes..

I'm alive to achieve and glow,

Not to be depressed and never go..

Go beyond what I have put out for myself,

Go over expectations because I have a gift of talent and a crazy imagination.

When I look in the mirror now,

I see a different side of me that I finally allow.

I feel the feeling that God wanted me to be.

Happy, happy and free.

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