A Poem For My Daydream

Here we are.

It is you and me

and I want it to be that way forever.


staring at the night sky

in a city neither of us have ever been to.



you talk about the stars like they are your friends.

Talk about the moon like it is your God.

You say that when you were living in London

you felt so empty,

because you could never see the night sky staring back at you,

because you never fell in love.

You tell me

"This place had everything I could want".


And God

Do I wish I could lace my fingers in yours.

Press my lips to your face

and confess all of the thoughts I've had over the past year.


How I wish I could call you more than a best friend.

How I yearn for us to not reserve a hotel roon with seperate beds.

How I want to fall asleep to the sound of your breathing

every night.

I want to lose myself in your deep brown eyes.

I want to listen to the love songs you write

and I want you to,

one day,


"I wrote this for you"


But those are just wishes.

And tonight

I tell them to the moon.

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