Poem to the Internet

Drawing in the minds of the youth,

you're like a fishing line.

Your walls do more than stop a virus.

You provide a barrier of emotions, where one can deceive and cheat and lie,

and not so much as bat an eye.

Lash out your hate and rage, then sit back and watch the hate go on for days.

Log on to disconnect, Log off to reconnect.

Friends and family so isolated, when only they're a few feet away.

Relationships built online, do you know some of them are just lost little teens who's minds have gone astray.

Where will this world be in  10 years?

Online. The fishing line

The line that hooked the 21st century and reeled us in, hook, line, and sinker.

This digital age where, yes, so much progress is made, but what about the cost to be paid?

The life that is lost, the teenager in distress, relationships a mess, the media and the press,

don't make anything better, they make everything worse, and the internet is just the delivery source.

Passing on info from server to server, but never truly getting the message across.

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My community


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