A poem to a broken heart

A sigh…above all to be thrown to shine not even a smile,
Remainder is a wreck wandering ‘in purgatory due ‘ a cyclone.
Cried the stars with ‘less scars there the equation is to groan,
With tears that flowed limitlessly leading ‘into an aisle of a Nile.
Mind-blown in a worst possible way ‘all I could smell was guile,
Like a Pandora box opened there a sorrow was bitterly sown.
Left as broken man behind a broken mirror with no keystone,
Shape-shifting into a vast stone ‘veil for “feeling” disease’ style,
But 'not 'lightning of pain think that it's one of the pioneers,
'Cause love ,though, is an asset that can never depreciate,
Depreciate not nor hide 'cause even hurt has it's after,
And soon hurt will be no more for time will somehow alienate'.
So acknowledge it, contemplate the art of pain and how it feel',
For in life pain is what we must endure so that we could heal.

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