Poem for Boston

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 17:25 -- cmillin


If you watched these attacks from space, they would seem so small.
Imperfections on a beautiful face, you might not see them at all.

But the repercussions are relentless, and once the shockwaves start,
smoke stings the blindest eyes of justice...the shrapnel cuts every heart.

Because sadness shakes the strongest will, fear cuts the thickest skin.
The despair spurs it deeper still, and anger drives it in.

So the world cries out that it's not right, hate throws salt on the wounds.
As darkness seems to trump the light, and the forecast spells our doom.

Yet bravery cleans the salty maw, and kindness curbs the pain;
the selflessness of those who saw their efforts not in vain.

For heroes are not just the grand, who save the lives of masses;
they're those who lend their own two hands when the world around them crashes. 

Too many times we're filled with hate at those who break our stride.
Too many times we must placate the families of those who died.

So though patriotism springs aplenty, a shame it must be done:
Why it always takes the loss of many to make us feel like one.


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