I am having an affair with Rain

His cool kiss is so forgiving, purifying....numbing

I listen to his artificial trickle for ten hours on Youtube to lull me to sleep

His hug stretches for miles. I love the warmth and smell of his essence in the summer

But I have grown selfish and possesive of him

He shares his thirst-quenching seed to other people as well

There are days even months when he doesn't even call or visit


But when he is swollen and deprived of release, I hear him

I hear the familiar ground-shaking cry and my body quivers

My fits of jealousy soon fade and I run to him

He fills with months of yearning and absence

He embraces my wet body, engulfing me in his pluvial matter


He's always been one to be kinky,  he trickles down

meandering 'round my neck, kissing my clavicle and fondles my chest

I laugh and blush  feelings of both sadness and exuberance fill me

I know that he has to go soon, so we kiss and part ways

He sings to me for hours as I sleep


He sings his lullaby to me and fades away into the next day's dawn




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The imagery in this poem is enduring. I quiet admire the form you have phrase your poem.


thank you!

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