Plot Twist

Sun, 01/11/2015 - 15:37 -- cmgaydo

Zit one, Zit two, Zit three...Pop.

No makeup to cover the little suckers up.

Fat chipmunk cheeks filled with seeds.

New year means new diet.

Short fingernails, or should I say nubs from biting?

No nail polish can make them grow back.

Imperfection upon imperfection. Take a selfie.

Now? Without a filter? Without makeup? Just natural?

Yes, say cheese! Click.

Wait! No! Let me see!


Huh, I didn't realize.

Breathtaking blue eyes with a golden ring around the pupil. Changing with the current light.

Long curved eyelashes that somehow extend the beauty of my eyes.

And that smile, so stretched in happiness with no limit on where it will stop.

Perfection you say? Not a chance.

It's just real. True. Honest. Natural. It's me.




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