Please, Turn It Off

Turn it off

Turn off the news

Turn off

The hurt

The hurt

The hurt

It's too much to take

Too much to understand

So it's better to just not see

It's better to just

Turn it off


There's too much dark

Not enough light

I can't breathe


Turn it off


But if it's off

The dark only get darker

And my hurt only gets


They say innocence is precious

But what if knowledge

What if understanding

Is more so?

What would happen if we let them in

If we pulled them close

Hush, it'll be alright


Because beauty is not in the blindness

Of turning it off

But in the embrace

Of running towards the tears

And wiping them away

Too close for comfort

Is the most beautiful of all


What if the bravest thing we can do,

Is turn it on? 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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