Please, Tell Me Why It's Funny

She called at four am.

Sobbing into the phone, we were both barely past ten.

He had touched her with his sweaty hands,

and looked at her with his lustful eyes.

He had ripped her out of bed,

and slid off her trust.

He ignored her whimpers,

laughed at her pleas.

He was supposed to be family,

she told me.

At the hospital,

no one touched her.

Her eyes shot, 

her mouth open wide in panic as she screamed, 

"Please, don't touch me." 

He had raped her.

She was never the same. 

I tried to pick up her pieces, 

and put them back on her. 

But, she refused.

She wanted nothing to do with her shattered pieces.

Five years later, I have a friend. 

I tell her about something I heard.

Even the bitches I rape cum.

She laughed.

I stared at her with rage in my lungs, 

my blood pumping, 

and my jaw set. 

"Why is that funny?

I asked her, and she stopped laughing.

She looked at me, and said,

"Because of how you said it."

So, I guess it's okay if I say,

that your mom's a cow,

your dad is an idiot

and your brother is a freak.

Becuase, how I said it was funny. 

So, it's okay, right?

Please, tell me why rape jokes are funny. 



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Our world
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