please just stay

Wed, 07/24/2019 - 19:50 -- samblom

We all play a part of this twisted world. 
We all fall apart in the rain. 
We all trip over are useless words. 
We all regret that one thing every day. 
life is never easy so pick your head up and promise to never look at the blade, twist the cap back don't reach into the bottle look at the sun and think of tomorrow, think of all the times you could spend with a friend, don't cut your rode short just cause you were called fat or lame, look into the mirror and think to yourself is this what I want?

You always said i'll see you tomorrow. 
You always said let's do this again. 
You always said I promise i'll be there. 
You always said i'll be here till the end.
life is like a promise sometimes you can't keep, it's a test with an F but that's ok life is still worth living it's like some crazy trust game you are always playing, look at the stars can you see your name? can you see a golden plate? can you say with a smile that your stay was complete? can you say without a doubt you're ok if you leave?

I always said yeah I'm ok. 
I always said yeah I'm great. 
I always said no there's no problem. 
I always said i'll be here tomorrow. 
life is difficult I understand but think of the people who lended you a hand think of all the positive times you have brought mom and dad, close your eyes and imagine all the pain that will come, think about all the things that you love, think about the years that you left undone

They always said oh my gosh who's that. 
They always said omg shes so fat. 
They always said why is she still here. 
They always said I hope she knows she doesn't belong here. 
life is full of sorrow, but we can deal with all of that tomorrow, that's if you stay, so wipe your eyes it will all be ok, I know it's not fine and life is one heck of a ride, but buckle up buttercup or you'll get thrown around the road isn't smooth and it isn't fun when you hit the ground.

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