Playing God

Everyone wants to control their life
They're positive that only they can do it right
They try to be in complete control, day after day
But they need to know that playing God isn't okay
It's easy to point fingers, blame someone else
It's easy to fall intodenial, refuse to blame yourself
You can question God, it's no big deal
But don't tell Him how He should feel
It's not our job to say who lives or dies
It's not our job to fight in a war that's not our war to fight
Who are we to judge someone else's sins?
When will we be able to take a hint?
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
Our judge should be God and God alone
It's not our place to decide what truth is
Don't you know playing God is what this is?
There's one thing we all know is true
Don't lie about this, you know you mess up too
Remember that after your 15 minutes of fame
You endure this little thing called the Walk of Shame
Have you ever cared, do you really see
What being judgemental really means?
Are you ignorant or just plain blind
To all the sins racing in your mind?
When all you do is point out their flaws
You fail to remember that pride goes before a fall
Playing God is never okay
Because unlike Him, we came from dust and will return to dust someday


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