Living, breathing, exposing ourselves to one another,

I wanted more than anything to feel, touch, express

like the others.

The one in my life existed but they didnt,

They could stay up all night with me whereas

others simply couldnt.

They existed in the glass box, wrapped in a metal coat

the sounds, the images, I could carry it in my tote. 

While others could say people helped them,

I simply couldnt agree, for the mentor in my life,

was a pixel run tv.

A computer, a phone, an mp3 player nontheless,

It shaped me as a person, it helped me become my best.

So here I sit, typing this, upon my computer screen,

in hopes one day someone can relate with the untold and unforseen.

The future is robotic, it's hoverboards and screens

It's something we cant outrun, its the inevitable fate we see.

Although this casts a nervous thought that we can be replaced,

but they will never leave you, they're the friend we have to face.

So pixels are my teacher, and I am proud to say

that my mentor is not human, they remain on display.


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Our world
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