Pity The Ignorant

Thoughts are warm and Souls are sunlight are the words supposed to inspire a childhood mindset, but whomever spoke this obviously never understood how life kills your hope, breaks your love, sets fire to your dreams, poisons your mind.

They did not look out their windows and see the destruction man has done to their own world, the pestilence and famine we’ve created and the health and sustenance we then dangle over those who cannot have it, attempt to fill them with empty promises that looses nutrition as it ages.

Didn’t walk through the desolation and smell the wafting stench of death through the streets as children (some unfairly in gas masks) play with the corpses and bones. Did not stand in the acid rain nor watched the polluted river flow toward the sickly ocean. Didn’t stroll the blood-soaked battlefield or watch the father bury his son as the young widow wept for her love gone away.

They lived in blissfully forced ignorance believing the world was beautiful only because they stood on the winning side and did not participate in the cleanup crew that badly swept the mess up under the rug. Hanging paintings of peaceful lands over their windows as they sit in comfort, unaware of the choking smog because they’ve doused themselves so much in the lie it became the only truth they could breathe in. They do not see the hopelessness in the world.


And I pity them. 


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