Pit Of Nothing Pt. 2

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 14:00 -- Jazza

Gave over, scored a hat-trick but I coulda scored four

Could have all the money in the world & I'd still feel poor

It's like I'm constantly at war

But I never signed up for the army, I coulda swore

No matter the score I always seem to lose

Can never find the best answer, family feud

It seems like nothing can light the fuse

Blood already red on the inside like the pirus

I've already been exposed

Always heard through the bullshit even if it's transposed

Case closed, no flat bit got proposed

Torn up on the inside for life, Derrick Rose

It's hard to be content with this life

Seeing the puppeteers' strings everyday fills me with strife

Like Jesus Christ, ignorance everywhere is fucking rife

But the truth slices down the strings like a knife

Just look, the blood's leaking through the ceiling

Damn, it must've severed all my feelings

Cause when I hear some fucked up shit now I don't even be grieving

Hey, maybe my soul just needs some healing

Or maybe I should have a couple drinks 

Until I'm on the brink

Letting all my sorrows drown in the sink

Till I'm blacked out so I can't feel the ghosts that come out when I think

When I come to I ask myself "what's the point of it all'?

Of making that that late night FaceTime call

Face it, next time her & I just wanna go wall to wall

Her vision: on the wall every night till infinity we'll sprawl 

But here's my decision: after a couple nights that'll be all

What's the point of a relationship ascending if it'll just fall

Back into where everything else goes for me, that pit of nothingness

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My community
My country
Our world
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