A milky white substance

Condensed into one area

Grows on one place you hate the most

Your face


Your perfect face

Now riddled with acne

Pimples covering 

What used to be smooth


No more touches to the face

No more oily hands

Or oily face

No more


Or pimples are the result

Pimples grow

Whether you like it or not

They are here to stay


Away! Away!

With a pop, you squeeze

It bursts and flies

Into your hands


Pimples regrow

They always come back

In spite of everything

Another one forms


Not another one you say!

But pimples don't care

They rather grow

They rather stay


More and more

Grow and grow

No more!

It's time to go.


You get some soap

You get some water

You wash your face

Leaving no pimple trace


You remember a time 

When pimples were gone

But now you've grown

And you've gotten so tall


Growing up

Seemed so fun

But now I have pimples

It ruined it all!

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