Its slumber nary broken

The beast inside the mind.

Pills are the token

To leave the past behind.

The beast inside me stirs

As my heart cries out in pain

From a million tiny burns

Of life

And love

And loss

And name.

I can’t suppress it any longer.

There’s no place left to hide.

A surgery for the doctor

And all my time to bide.

But the time I’m biding’s bitten

Only moments left to last

The life that I’ve rewritten

The one we lived too fast.


I’m screaming.

I’m crying.

I’m shaking.

I’m dying.

Change is in the air love,

And change is all you fear.

Send your pleas for up above,

The darkness is growing near.


The Beast and I were two.

The Beast and I now one.

There’s no place left to hide

There’s nowhere I can run.

Dark savior, my Beast, forgive me for what we’ve done.

But we both know that you can’t.

Cause you’ve already won.

How do you run from your own mind?




You Can’t.

You Don’t.

It’s Impossible.

You Won’t.








I’m Falling.

I’m Withdrawing.



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