Piercing Through Darkness


In the midst of all the shadow and emptiness
One could only wish for a guardian angel.
One that can shine light in their eyes,
And one that comforts in dire times.
Many are not so lucky,
And are forever doomed to a life of despair.
May the heavens take pity on those poor souls,
And on my lonely self as well.
A kindred spirit amongst the condemned is
Of course most rare.
Most can be rather tricky to find,
While others can easily vanish into plain sight.
Long have I searched for one,
And long have I failed.
Just as I began to grow weary,
The purest of them all appeared to me.
Never have I laid eyes on such beauty.
It’s as if the heavens sent their golden angel to my aid.
And with just a single glance,
All the darkness in my heart had vanished into thin air.


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