Physical gets wrong

The floor is closed and cant open anymore,
and loneliness is accompanied by dreams and days,
and see the chances that they can always say and always gave you.
And the woman still remains the same true feelings that makes it cold, durable and knows it.
And the wind still hear my voice converses with print errors that i remove and tells them go forever and do not come back,and and even my soul is impossible to die,
and how to acquire immortality.
Love changed me and I suffered for that I was so immortal and death knew and was afraid to punish more.

And the souls that do hurt,do not clear as much as water and why?
they were given opportunity.
And the world remains the same with the arrogance inside and please call someone else with technology to change the physicality of his arrogance with its experience and all human beings we carry something inside that we know and because the being kept so dry, that yes it is not known,if it has life he is offered perhaps physically is mistaken as the world.


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