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Surrounded, trapped to be exact
No matter what way I turn, they're always there
Magazines, TV Commercials, Billboards...
You name it, they were there

Photographs that brainwashed my young mind
A "way out" of what is cruel in this world
Motivation to a brainwashed mind of society
Hopes in creating a better, happier life

What always comes along with anything and everything
A cost
Acost that was my childhood, teenage years
Filled with pain, hardship, struggle

Day, time, or reason why, I don't know
You don't wake up one morning and decide
Things slowly building overtime
Tell another person or keep them inside
Fear, anxiety all bottled up
Overpowering hopes and dreams
The power is hard
The struggle to open up even harder

Low and behold what they say
Isn't all what it's cracked up to be

Pro-ana, Pro-mia, Thinspo, Fitspo
Photoshopped, real
The reality is devastating
I would never wish an eating disorder on my worst enemy

Fads, phases, diets
They're none of these things

Constant voices 24/7
"You're worthless!"
"You're not good enough!"
"Why should anyone like you?"

A distorted image
Looking in the mirror seeing someone twice your size staring back at you

You wonder what others think about you
The voices answer for you

You see others for their true size
All you want is to see you true size

Media's deception and lies
Society's perfection and molds

Trying to fit standards
Please the voices
Doing all you can controls every waking moment and thought without realising own self-hate, destruction, and harm

This is what they are

I've been real
I haven't lied
This is the truth
It's masked time and time
Because of society, but we are society

It's time to speak out
Let our voices be heard
They don't need to be hidden no more
Because everybody knows somebody

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