A photograph, 

A photograph is all I need.

A photograph of the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

With her curly brown hair and light brown eyes, one of my most beautiful treasures in life.

A smile so big and bright that no mater where I am, just the glance of it assures me I'll be alright

A photograph is all I need.

The only neccesity.

My sweet little girl, 

Who knew a photograph could provide me with such serenity

Though you are not my daughter, I love you just like you were.

I remember your first steps and your first words

No matter where I am, whether a deserted island or a broken home

Never doubt that you are the reason I hold on.

I will follow you by the the ray of sunlight that leaves your smile very morning

You've made my dull life less boring

I know by your laugh, I will never be lost, 

For I will follow the flowers that rise from the soil just to hear the sound of your laughter

Just know that I love you the most

A single photograph is all I need

I am home whenever I see your smile.

A photograph is fine by me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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