Photo of a Skinny White Girl


United States
40° 50' 17.7072" N, 73° 51' 23.7924" W

And it is with this that I am thrust
into the reality of the world
the world of blue eyes,
blonde hair
beige skin
being anything bigger than a 4 (god forbid)
is casually categorized as "fat"
this world,
my dark, ebony skin is described as exotic
where my braids and natural kinky curls
are only accepted as a fad or a movement, not a norm
where designers and marketers brainwash me
until I can't look at myself in the mirror without thinking

my eyes are too far apart
nose is too flat
skin too dark
ass too big
hair, uncontrollable
thighs, huge
body, fat

it is with this photo that I realize
that I live in a society
that will never accept me
or people like me
that those celebrities meant to placate me
are merely a construction of what differences are acceptable
it is with this that I will have an eternal and unattainable checklist of
light skin,
pale eyes,
full lips,
triangle nose,
skinny thighs,
blonde hair
so I will spend years crying at my failures
attempting to change
wishing to change
wanting to be someone I know I can't be
watching my life as a film where I play the sidekick
believing that the happy ending wasn't made for me
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Hi there! Your poem is amazing, and I love the message it sends. I loved it so much that I would actually love to be able to recite your poem as a part of a poetry program I am forming for a club at my school called Speech. The only problem is, I have to have the authors name to be able to give you credit for all the awesome work you put into creating this poem. I would greatly appreciate it if you could maybe email me with just your name, so I can cite your name as the author when I present. Thanks so much! If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. You can email me at Thanks again and amazing poem!

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