Philosophy of the Flawless


I close my eyes and imagine how I could be

If only i was free 

Labels are harsh 

but no one is as harsh as me 

to myself, yes i am to blame 

I can image walking with not an ounce of shame 

No one would have anything about me to claim 

My brown bare skin could sparkle in the sun 

Me and the earth could feel as one

Because the earth is flawless  and has been

since it begun

It doesn't cower to judgement because 

it knows of none 

If i could peel away the layers that hide my true self

I would have discovered a new wealth 

for i am gold

Naturally, beautiful, bold and flawless 

just like the earth and all its 

minerals with glittery, glistening glamor 

I am a scarce jewel 

that people search for but is not often uncovered 

but i am flawless, more so then has been discovered 

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nice poem.

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