Phenomenal Women

This poem is dedicated, to all those ladies out there who ever made it.
Those ladies aren't Malibu, their skin is hardly medicated.
Those ladies aren't rich or famous
Those ladies are you, me and us.

We ladies are disrespected by the dogs out there.
We ladies are hated just 'cause we don't serve it up when we're told.
We ladies are all equally as pretty, no matter how young or how old.
We ladies are always battling the war of maintaining self respect.

We ladies respect ourselves and that's why can't just get us into bed.
Them dogs want us to keep their sexual hunger well fed.
But no, we ladies don't do that.
We Ladies are the ladies who wait, wait for the time that makes it right.

We ladies stand proud of our self respect forever.
Them girls who just give, are just another notch, they just act.
But the truth is, those girls are gonna be regretting as a matter of fact.

But we ladies will be proud.
For when Romeo finally comes around,
We ladies will ave the dignity that those girls never found.
We ladies are proud to be us.



A poem I wrote out of frustration and exhaustion from dealing with some of the disgusting young men our country has grown by objectifying women through media and pop culture.

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