The Pew

The Pew



Sitting in the pew at church you reached over and held my hand. When you did this HOPE is what I felt. 

I felt hope that my little girl was on the path to healing her broken soul and heart from whatever demons were in you. 

I remember watching Winnie the Pooh with you for hours and hours and taking you to see the Barnie Movie and how you sat there the whole time watching this big purple dinosaur on the screen you never sat still for anything. I remember the hours you would spend brushing my hair and playing with it. 

I remember how you used to tell me you loved me all the time and how  I haven’t heard that in a long time or seen it in your eyes. 

This friend you had that took you places you thought you needed to be is not a friend but your enemy. 

You can not see it from the inside, but the outside is a perfect view of the insanity that was your choice. 

Choices are the hardest espcially when we are hurting so deep but the only choice you should make is the one that will be for eternity. So remember the One who gave us hope on that day. Just like you gave me in the pew on Sunday.

This poem is about: 
My family


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