I stare at the Sakura tree,

Night after night,

Day after day,

Waiting for it to blossom.

I watched the tiny buds,

Night after night,

Day after day,

Just waitting for it to happen.

For it to burst open, 

Spread it's wings and fly.

I was just waiting, 

And waiting,

While time passes by.

Finally, the spring came,

The buds blossomed,

And so did I,

My heart was pounding.

I felt like I could fly.

Then the fall came,

The petals slowly falling down,

The petals I've watched for days,



In, the middle of fall, they were crumbled,

Laying on the ground,


Tears dripped down from my cheeks, 

But, they weren't tears of sadness,

The flowers lasted a good life,

And I did too.

I layed there with the petals, 

Calmly and slowly,

My body sinked into the soft grass,

Laying there in peace,

With my petals.

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