The inconsequential dust mote 

Sees life through one perspective

Its own

It drifts on its journey of 

Small movements in a momentous world


Gentle gusts guide in directions sometimes desired

But usually disastrous

Around obstacles that at the time seem insurmountable

And yet


It lands on something

A dish maybe, or a discarded shoe

And lies in wait of another

with a similar perspective


And of course, there are always more

They come and settle together

Seeing the world as one

A world that appears to shrink with every added speck


Soon the numbers are staggering

Soon someone else’s perspective is changed

Someone who was bigger to begin with

But who still felt as though the world was just as huge and hard to navigate


The seemingly insufficient dust has collected to a point 

Where they have shifted another’s perspective

A person who had paid no attention to the dust initially

A person who notices an untouched dish that once held holiday feasts with family

Or a forgotten shoe that was once witness to the glories of nights with friends


And this brings things into perspective

What really matters versus what we have fooled ourselves into thinking does

Memories flood in and longing arises

Change is promised


And the dust is brushed away

It did its job

Now the job of another is underway

A shift in perspective can start in apparently

Tiny proportions.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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