The Perscution of the Modern Martyrs


Why are people so mean and cruel,

And desperate for popularity like a pitiless fool,

I can no longer contend to understand,

Or will I attempt to take their hand,

Isn't America the place of the brave and the free,

And I am being treated like a rodent, shown no mercy,

I wish that people will actually see why,

Words to impress people can make others cry,

Through the strong of heart, the world will understand,

That people sucks and won't lend a helping hand,

What's wrong with getting up and being a friend,

To people that need someone when the world is at an end,

The criticism and ridicule just makes no sense,

Because nobody's perfect, so what's your pretense,

Let them live just as they choose,

Because, just like you, they might have something to lose,

They might being experiencing things that hurts their soul,

and it effects and destroys them to the core, with no control,

So, instead of looking on their outside cover,

Look at their heart and stop judging others,


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