Perpetual Understanding

Destiny unfolds, souls collide

Amorous fires blaze within

A bond so sacred, unspoken

Links forever the two spirits.

Incomplete, marry in wholeness,

Present, Future, unite as one.


In monogamy eternal,

Both now perfected and complete

As ecstatic as the Penguin

Full with the duet of the Crane,

The only one for the other

And the other the only one.


Unconditionally, free,

For how can conditions be placed

Wherein true love pure abounds?

None alone faultless unspotted,

How is expectation harbored?

That destruction only hurt holds. 


Do not conform for preset eyes,

Do not weigh down in conjecture.

Shower me in petals or thorns,

My love for you, Rose, never break.

Even Death can never corrode

That holy sacred bond once shared.

In Eternity we dwell forever.

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